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Get the full story on Gold with the new forthcoming book by Chris Kitiris, 'Gold Will Prevail'

This new publication soon to be released is designed to provide an insight into the historical nature of precious metals, in particular, Gold used as legal tender, right through to its present day existence within the current global ecomomic climate in both physical and digital form (bitcoin) and includes the following chapters:

Preface - Practice What You Preach!

The Value of Rare Metals (Since Planet Earth Was Formed)

GOLD, The Legal Tender of The Ancient

Back to Gold, The End of Fiat...

Where Smart Money Goes

The Paper Money Printer Goes 'Brrr': Is Fiat Really Worth The Paper it's Printed on?

Gold 2.0 and The Genesis Block / 03.01.09

Gold = Money

Bye Bye Fiat, Hello Bitcoin

The Next Fiat Currency Collapse & The Post-Mortem That May Follow

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